Matter of starting Std-6 to 8 classes in all the board's primary schools in the state.

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Matter of starting Std-6 to 8 classes in all the board's primary schools in the state.

Guidelines have been issued by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for resumption of activities which were halted following the lockdown measures to control Kovid-19 in the country.

Accordingly, it has been suggested that educational institutions should be reopened gradually after October 15, 2020 in the activities sanctioned outside the containment zone. For which, in consultation with the concerned school / institution administrators of the State / UT, a consultation was held based on the assessment of the Corona transition situation. Subsequently, the direct teaching work was resumed in the classes of Std-10 and Std-12 with the resolution dated 05/01/2071 under number (2) taken by the reading. After that, phases of standard 9 and 11 classes have also been started. In view of the improving condition of Corona's existence, the matter of resumption of direct education work in phases with adequate vigilance in the field of primary education in the state was under consideration by Sakka Shri.

At the end of the adult deliberation, it is decided to resume the direct education work for the classes of Std. 6 to 8 in all the board primary schools in the state from 19/06/2021. Educational-non-academic staff and students of government / private and subsidized primary schools of all the boards in the state will have to strictly follow the following instructions.

Offline (physical / direct) educational work will be resumed for the students of Std. 6 to 8 in government / private and subsidized primary schools of all the boards of the state from 16/06/2021. Offline (physical / direct) Attendance at academic work is voluntary for the student

For this, the concerned institution has to obtain a written consent form from the parents of the student in the attached form. Online study by schools for students who are not directly involved in physical attendance in class

Arrangements have to be made as well as Vande Gujarat Channel and Doordarshan D.D. by the state government. Students will be encouraged to watch the educational programs aired from 255 of the year.

Under primary education, only students from Std. 6 to 8 will be called to the school at this stage.

Considering the number of students and the need and complexity of the subject, schools will have to adjust the number of classes. In order to maintain social distance between the two students as per the SOP / guidelines of the Government of India

There will be 5 seating arrangements. In addition, the headmaster of the school / taluka primary education officer will be able to decide on the type of arrangement to be made for which subject / curriculum.

It will be mandatory for students, teachers and all other employees to wear face masks properly. Any infected / symptomatic student / teacher or third person in the school complex by constantly monitoring the matter.

All concerned local authorities should be vigilant about not entering.

No student or staff member or third party who has a purpose in the content zone or whose family is infected with coronavirus will be able to attend the school. If there is a school in the vista of the content zone, then that school Can't open.

Proceedings regarding capacity building of all concerned such as head teachers, teachers, parents, students, SMC members, etc. as shown in the SOP published by Bharat Sakka. 3 hashes.

All proceedings have been published by the Government of India

It has to be done following SOP / guidelines.

Adherence to all the above guidelines will be in the interest of the students by the concerned district administration, District Primary Education Officer / Govt. Officer, Taluka Primary Education Officer and School Headmaster / Principal taking into consideration the local situation.

Matter of starting Std-6 to 8 classes in all the board's primary schools in the state.

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