overpaid increment which is not payable which is returned to the concerned employees.

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overpaid increment which is not payable which is returned to the concerned employees

During the audit of the financial year 2017/18 of Taluka Panchayat Bhuj, the primary teachers performing duty in the primary school of this taluka were given the benefit of the seventh pay commission to the employees of the Government of Gujarat with the resolution number of salary / 102016 / salary unit dated 16/8/2016. .1 / 1/16 remains to be given. Also, as per the provision of Resolution No. Salary 102016/08 Salary Unit of the Finance Department dated 7 12/16, the employee / officer who has been promoted / higher salary standard approved on 1/1/16 or later on 19/8/2016 Employees who have done and given the option of salary fixing under the provisions of Gujarat Civil Service (Salary) Rules, 2002, if the option given earlier is not beneficial after implementation of Gujarat State Service (Salary Reform) Rules: 2016, change the option given earlier. The option has to be given by the employee within one month from the date of the said resolution. Also the given option will be considered final. Also in case of promotion / higher salary standard approval as per the circular issued on 05/06/2017 for clarification as per the said resolution of the Government. May offer the option of pay binding from the date of the next increment. Despite the fact that no event (promotion / subdivision) has been created despite clear instructions as per the provisions of the above resolutions and circulars, the primary teachers of Bhuj taluka have been given the option of fixing the salary of the seventh pay commission from 01/07/2016. So as not to fix the salary by fixing the new salary on the basic and grade pay as per the 6th pay commission dated 31/12/2015 and not getting the salary fixed on 01/07/2016. Salary has been fixed by fixing new salary on basic and grade pay as per 6th pay commission of 07/2016. So that the salary is fixed at the stage one level above the eligible salary. The salary is not in accordance with the rules, the salary is fixed against the rules and the salary cell is paid accordingly. An overpaid increment which is not payable which is returned to the concerned employees. Instructed to recover more amount paid. Thus, as per the instruction received from Vanchana 1, the primary teachers as per the appendix involved in this taluka who have been accepted by the Seventh Pay Commission from 01/07/2016. As per the details mentioned in the appendix of all the primary teachers, the salary has been fixed from 01/01/2016 and the above increase has been approved. The salary has to be deducted accordingly in the current month and the amount of extra salary paid from August 2016 to November 2020 has been refunded by the Government. 01 It is therefore ordered to deposit in currency.

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