seniority of teachers.

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seniority of teachers.

According to the above subject, considering the letters of reference letter-1 to 7, stating that the decision regarding the transfer of primary teachers has been made by the Pandavas on 28/07/2018. It is then amended by the accompanying resolutions, taking into account all the factors that, when a school is merged with another school, the common seniority of the teachers of both the schools has to be multiplied. The matter was referred to the Education Department on.

The new provision of the resolution dated 9/10/2017 has to be decided by considering it as a seniority as per Chapter-Z and as per the clarification made from the letter dated 9/11/2020 of Hon'ble Primary Education Niya Makshree while merging Dhau-Du or Std-6 and 8. Teachers working in this standard if std. If you have qualification from 1st to 5th standard. Since the classes from 1st to 1st are not merged, the classes which are merged in 1st class will not have to be considered as seniority with the teachers working in Std-1 to 5th class in the school.

And if such teachers want to avail the benefits as per the letter of Hon'ble Director of Primary Education, Shri G.R. Gandhinagar Nita 2, 1 1/2050, then the students of Gho-2 or Std-6 and 8 who have been admitted to the school on the basis of love If there is space from -1 to 2, it can be included there.

While in the case of CRC / BR, C, with the joint signature of the State Project Director and the Primary Education Regulations, SSAM / TT. From the letter dated 12/09/2011 1/11/3030/2 to C.R.C. /BRC When returning to the school as a teacher after the deputation of the coordinator, the date of joining the school prior to receiving the deputation shall be deemed to be the same for station seniority. Accordingly, the seniority of all the teachers on deputation as a teacher was changed or the seniority in the over setup was changed. That has been instructed. According to which seniority has to be calculated,

Further stating that Nileshbhai Joshi, a teacher of Majirajba Kanya School, has expressed his disagreement to present a specified example or act regarding the slaughter camp. If they are increasing as per the rules and do not appear in the age cap with the prescribed pattern or grounds, a one-sided order will be made as per the rules. Tell them to take note.

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